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Incandescent-quality light you and your customers demand. SWITCH LED light bulbs match the room-filling light distribution of incandescent bulbs, ensuring that your space is properly lit. Our warm 2700K bulbs are perfect for making people and environments look great, while our brighter 4100K version brings bright white light to more functional spaces.

Exceptional dimmer compatibility for total mood – and cost – control. SWITCH LED light bulbs work with most dimmers, making it possible to quickly and easily control both light intensity and energy use. We´ve tested our bulbs extensively with a variety of dimmers, so that you know which ones we work best with.

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Flawless performance in every orientation and virtually all fixtures. SWITCH LED light bulbs can be used in any orientation and with a wide variety of fixture styles, including recessed ceiling fixtures, ceiling flush-mounts, and even totally enclosed luminaires.
Dependable assembly that suits any environment. Rugged construction and a UL damp rating make the SWITCH LED bulb a perfect fit for most applications, from indoors to out. Our bulbs perform well in a temperature range of -4°F TO 113°F (-20°C to 45°C) and don’t attract bugs, because they don’t produce any UV rays.
An investment that delivers big returns. SWITCH LED light bulbs use a fraction of the energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs — slashing both electric bills and maintenance costs. With a typical payback period of less than six months, re-lamping with our bulbs makes great business sense.

40 60 75 100

A blend of innovative design and advanced technology. SWITCH LED bulbs are designed with an intelligent driver and an extremely efficient liquid cooling technology that delivers exceptional performance. Buy with confidence, knowing you’ve chosen the most reliable and durable lighting solution available.
Good looks that impress even the most particular customer. With a striking modern design that reveals its inner workings, the clear SWITCH LED light bulb is equally suitable for use in exposed sockets and behind a shade. When a more diffuse cover is preferred, there is the frosted SWITCH bulb.